Quoting in the Small Market


When submitting a group for quote in the small market (50 or less Average Total Number of Employees), please use the appropriate Rate Request Form below:

BNGA Rate Request Form Q3 2024

Please use this link to send Group rate requests securely.

Fully Insured Products
  • ACA Products will be quoted for new business groups of this size, resulting in age banded rating for participants.
Level-Funded Products
  • UnitedHealthcare Level-Funded plans (formerly known as AllSavers) require Medical Questionnaires for any group with 2-9 enrolling employees.  Groups with 10 or more enrolling participants can be reviewed for Preliminarily Underwritten rates via a member level census based on technology UnitedHealthcare sources through a third party.
  • For clients with employees who have gone through their Medical Questionnaire process electronically through FormFire – Ask us how we can help!
Affordable Care Act Special Open Enrollment Period

As part of the Affordable Care Act, health insurers are required to allow for an annual period in which eligible small groups can enroll in coverage without restrictions related to employer contribution and/or employee participation ratios.  This period, the Special Open Enrollment Period, exists from November 15th to December 15th of each year to correspond with a January 1 effective date.   Please keep this window of opportunity in mind for groups that may otherwise have challenges in meeting the usual carrier minimum thresholds.

Links to helpful sites:

OSHA (SIC Look Up)
Zip Express (County/Zip Code Reference)


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