IRS Releases Publication 5208: Determining If You Are an Applicable Large Employer
May 15, 2018
The IRS recently released Publication 5208, which is directed at applicable large employers (those subject to the ACA’s employer mandate, also known as the “employer shared responsibility payment”).

Specifically, the one-page document provides:

Step-by-step instructions employers may use to determine whether they’re applicable large employers (ALEs) and are therefore subject to the employer shared responsibility payment (ESRP) and information reporting requirements. It also includes a reminder that the law treats aggregated groups as one single employer when determining whether or not the employer is an ALE.
An overview of information-reporting requirements for Forms 1094-C and 1095-C, which are the forms filed with the IRS that help the IRS determine if an employer potentially owes a shared responsibility payment. Form 1095-C is also provided to employees.
A reminder that an ESRP is triggered if at least one full-time employee of an ALE received a premium tax credit through the exchange, and that ALE failed to offer coverage to at least 95 percent of full time employees, or the coverage offered was unaffordable or didn’t meet minimum value.
The employer shared responsibility requirements and related reporting obligations are very complex. Publication 5208 touches only on a few high points. The takeaway for employers is that they must determine each year if they are ALEs and are subject to the employer shared responsibility provisions and subsequent information-reporting requirements. Specifically, those considered ALEs must offer coverage that’s affordable and meets minimum value to all full-time employees or face a penalty.

IRS Publication 5208

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