The Property and Casualty Division of our General Agency offers a full line of commercial and personal insurance products.  Contact John Wolbert, Advisor (, Jennifer Burfitt, Account Executive (, or Anna Marie Nameth, Senior Account Executive (, or call (330) 469-6292 for more information.

We provide exceptional coverage for your exceptional needs. If you have large case opportunities in any of the following industries, contact Susan McKee, Vice President, ( or call (724) 940- 9407.  As an NFP BNGA Producer Partner you can take advantage of the expertise of NFP’s Property and Casualty specialty groups in the industries outlined below.

Auto Services — A successful dealership depends on a steadfast finance and insurance department.  Our expert team has the tools and the talent to monitor clients’ F&I results, pinpoint areas for improvement and vet products and services

Commercial Surety — Having a surety or fidelity bond shows your clients’ customers that they have everything in place — and that your client is the right partner for the job.  We get your clients the best terms and conditions possible, thanks to our storied experience and access to the largest surety bond companies in the U.S.

Construction — Whether you’re standing tall in the construction world or just now breaking ground, we’ve got the tools and talent to lay a firm foundation and support your business.  At NFP, we’re with you every lift, swing and step of the way.  We understand your needs and deal with some of the best brokers in the business to find amazing value – fit right for you.

Financial Institutions — NFP offers lenders’ single interest insurance, or LSI, to protect a lender’s interest in a loan collateral when the borrower’s loan insurance on the collateral lapses or is canceled.  This insurance is also known as blanket vendor’s single interest, or VSI. While you focus on building your consumer loan portfolio, we have your back when the unexpected happens.

Healthcare and Life Sciences — Between health care reform, ever-changing regulations, operational issues and risk coming from all directions, maintaining a healthy medical practice, professionals and facilities can be a challenge.  Your clients need a proactive partner who takes the time to get to know them and how to best help their practice — and tackles medical malpractice as well.

Hospitality and Tourism — Handling a hospitality business – especially if you serve alcohol – comes with a healthy serving of risk.  Patrons throwing fighting words (that may catch bystanders in the middle), errant spills causing slips and falls, equipment failure making messes and bringing business to a halt, or any of the dozens of things that can happen between a chair and the parking lot leave you with a lot of risks to worry about.

Real Estate — Real estate risk management can be complicated.  With so much at stake, it can often feel like your real estate owns you.  NFP is dedicated to providing you with innovative solutions to today’s real estate issues and challenges, as well as preparing you for those yet to come.

Risk Management — You have a lot to protect and countless options for how to safeguard it all.  A one-size-fits-all approach to risk management can leave you vulnerable.  Then there are the not-so-obvious risks that can threaten your finances and your reputation. You need a partner who understands you and your vulnerabilities — both known and unknown. Let us conduct an exhaustive diagnostic analysis to help identify your company’s exposures.  Because when you’re prepared, you’ll feel a lot more secure.

Sports and Entertainment — Risk management challenges in the sports & entertainment industry are as diverse as the companies and people in it.  Whether it’s specialized insurance for a team, league or individual athlete, coverage for your equipment or insurance against catastrophic damage during a production, you need protection.  Lost revenue, liability, talent issues – even Acts of God – are all very real risks.

Transaction Advisory — The NFP Transaction Advisory Group has a deep understanding of the M&A process, acquisition agreements, and R&W insurance policy terms, which enables us to structure and negotiate a policy that interacts seamlessly with the terms of the acquisition agreement.

Transportation — You’re going places.  Let NFP get you there safely. Risk is always going to be there, but we’ll help you navigate the roads with the right solutions at the right price.  Take advantage of our transportation industry expertise to keep the engine of your company healthy and running smoothly.  With NFP, your road to success just got a little easier.


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